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"Blast From The Past"

At Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Grounds Is

Sergeant Pepper’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival

We all knew him as the leader of The Lonely Hearts Club Band. But who was this man who entertained so many and was so colorful to our mind’s eye? Well, it’s time to put the guessing behind as we encounter this vibrant, larger than life character for the first time ever as Sergeant Pepper hosts his friends from the 50s, 60s, and 70s and welcomes one and all to the Blast From The Past Rock ‘n Roll Revival, on the grounds of Lancaster County’s Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Saturday and Sunday, June 23rd and 24th.

As he told millions, it’s time to " Sit Back And Enjoy The Show," and thanks to the talents of the Renaissance Faire’s Acting Company and the musical addition of "Pentagon," "Fabmania," and "Past Time"(maybe) enjoyment will be easy to find.

To be sure, Fabmania is back by popular demand. The Beatles tribute band in 2000 held the entire festival in awe, on and off stage. Onstage, their concert work paid tribute to every Beatles "era" through various sets and complete with just the right costumes for each period. Offstage they were the hit of the streets, in and out of every shop, dancing with all the women, and generally collecting enough kisses and hugs to run for office.

New to the festival, but definitely not new to the region is Pentagon. What everyone remembers is watching Pentagon at Hershey Park, Hershey Motor Lodge and Atlantic City, and it’s still true that the guys obviously love what they do. This is a group whose talent is as diverse as the 50s, 60s and 70s that we celebrate. Fans always stood in line to secure the best seat for their 50's set, and female audience members fairly swooned at Rich Clare's rendition of Elvis' "One Night With You". Above all, just like Fabmania, they always make time for their fans and include them in the fun they have onstage.

And then there’s Past Time, an extraordinary Doo-Wop group bringing back the best street corner music of Philly, Baltimore and New York. It’s accapella and oh-so-smooth, and Past Time fans are all agreed that several things always happen when they perform: smiles erupt, toes start to tap, and memories come alive, whether they’re memories of "the still of the night," "under the boardwalk," "up on the roof, " or even "Ba-Barbara Ann."

Walking about this fantasy, we discover that Pepperland is alive with our very favorite times and things: poodle skirts, leisure suits, disco boots, flower power, incense, protestors, leather jackets, psychedelic shirts and headbands, hippie beads, a Magic Bus, a malt shop, a beer hall, Sunset Strip and Dead Man’s Curve! And whatever stage you’re trying to reach or celebrity you’re trying to talk to, no Studio-54 type bouncer will keep you away, because in Pepperland, everyone’s a VIP.

Do you wanna be a zillionaire? Well, there’s a zany quiz show going on that Regis would love, and everyone’s invited to enter for prizes. For the sing-along gang the Hootenanny’s the place, for there your requests are granted, and the whole gang will join in to sing your faves. Feel like getting out on the floor and kicking up your heels? Terrific, because the enormous chess arena has been set aside for dancing and dance lessons most of the day, except of course when it’s time for the annual Elvis Lookalike Contest.

No trip to our glory days could be complete without a tribute to those beloved "action flicks," so brace yourself for the "Towering Poseidon Inferno Adventure 1975." The gang from Saturday Night Live and MAD-TV could take a few lessons from this zany collection, and the same is true for the "Stunt-show Extravaganza." This can only be described as the "Dukes of Hazard Have Guns And Will Travel To Bonanza To Meet Up With Zorro And Maybe Red Skelton."

What a joy to spend a day with Elvis, Sergeant Pepper and scores of other "greats" of our youth, whether they’re great celebrities or great friends! Even the star quarterback and the cheerleaders are here, as is the mean old assistant principal. And they’re all on hand to make the hours turn into minutes as we turn back the clock to the "Happy Days" of our youth. It’s a day full of live Rock music, comedy, classic cars, quiz shows of the past, free wine sampling, four varieties of ale brewed at the Faire’s new micro-brewery, foods of the times and lots of crafts along the lanes.

Escapist? Revisionist? Selective memory? Yes, absolutely! And it’s what the folks at the Renaissance Faire do so well. For twenty-one years they’ve offered a place and time away from time, an opportunity for a sideways escape from whatever the burdens of "today" are. The Blast From The Past Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival is yet another inspired journey into a fantasy of the past, albeit a past that’s near and dear to so many of us.

Gates open both Saturday and Sunday 11 AM until 7:30 PM. Adult admission is $19.95; children ages 5-11 are admitted for $9.95. Tickets are available at the gate, by phone via the Faire’s box office, 9 AM until 4 PM Monday through Friday, 717-665-7021 x231 or through the Faire’s web site at