About Joe Bailon

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Prunes to Candy Apples Joe Bailon's Story (continued)

The blending and shading of the various colors was a subtle touch not readily noticed, helping to make this a super custom. The '51 Merc is a sensational sight. Bailon thinks that itŐs his best work, and he's pleased with the Joe Perez upholstery and the Crazy Art paint. Owner Joe Figueroa, Jr., is delighted with the entire car. Listening to him describe it to someone is like hearing a man describe his firstborn child. There is that much love and affection shown for the car. The Widow Merc has become a part of the Figueroa family, and it isn't likely to move away from home in the foreseeable future.

A special mention of appreciation to the following for working with and believing in the Artistry of a True Imagineer of Custom Automobiles Joe Bailon: Marie Bailon, Jim & Joan Hibbs of Kustoms of America, Hop Up magazine, Pitts Paint Store, Joe Perez upholstery, Crazy Art of ArtŐs Kustom Kolors in Glendora, California, Owner Joe Figueroa, Jr., Vince Bracado, Jesse Lopez, formerly of Barris Kustoms, Stewart-Warner instruments, Edelbrock heads, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Danny Thomas, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Sebastian Cabot, James Garner, the Pink Panther car, Bondo, Lead and very one visiting Boss Hot Rods!