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SCRAPE (continued)...

Set up on a 1978 Chevy Caprice station wagon frame and powered by a near-production 350 Chevy engine, the Zephyr features a Flash Gordon-like '39 Lincoln instrument cluster and black and white leather and naugahyde tuck and roll interior by Bobby Sapp, another Delaware stylist.

In many ways, the radical Lincoln fulfills a number of Cook's personal quests and has a direct historical link to the great custom car gathering slated for the 50th Autorama at Sacramento's Cal Expo. The iconoclastic and irreverent promoter (his "Lead East" event is the largest custom car convocation on the East Coast) is a former editor of Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines.


"American hot rodding's answer to the fine coach builders of Europe was the Sacramento influence of Harry Westergard and Dick Bertolucci. It was at Harry's shop in the '40's where a pair of young kids named Sam and George Barris hung out and learned a trade and created a trend that became known as the custom."

"The '38-'39 Zephyrs were considered to be the slickest three window coupes of the era," Cook noted in a recent Rodder's Journal article. "Some feel they may be the best looking three windows ever made." Notable for its low, low attitude - less than one inch off the deck - "Scrape" also reflects Cook's attitude about customs. "The lower the better, whether it's a rod, a custom or a garbage truck. Put the rockers or the running boards right on the tarmac." For real roadway conditions, the vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated air lift system.